Location: Agrinio


At the dawn of the third millennium, Aitoloakarnania offers its welcoming embrace to Greece and Europe, inviting visitors to enjoy the journey of a lifetime. The largest prefecture in Greece, Aitoloakarnania boasts a rich and varied natural ecosystem, which includes eight lakes, two lagoons and three rivers.

The prefecture of Aitoloakarnania is blessed with unique natural treasures and routes that capture the region’s archaeological, cultural and natural wealth. Visitors can enjoy a range of activities and experience the holidays of their dreams in a friendly and welcoming environment of incomparable beauty, which has not fallen victim to mass tourism. The natural variety of the landscape and harmonious blend of aquatic and artificial wealth will lead travellers to explore the beauty of Lake Trichonida and the three giant dams that straddle the Acheloos River. The more active can also practice their hiking and rock climbing skills on the famed Arkanika Mountains.


The final stop on this captivating journey is none other than the prefecture’s main urban centre, the city of Agrinio. Here, preserving the region’s cultural heritage, traditional values and folklore in collaboration with the University aims at further promoting the area’s unique traditions. Twilight finds our guests enjoying unique moments of relaxation and tranquillity in the hotel’s welcoming and comfortable spaces. Under the supervision of the boutique hotel’s exacting owner, Esperia guarantees exceptional service, incomparable courtesy, a warm environment and high quality facilities for all its guests.