Esperia Hotel Αγρίνιο

Esperia Hotel: A boutique hotel

The Esperia Boutique Hotel in Agrinio first opened its doors in 1963. Since then, it has hosted countless visitors and many distinguished guests from various sectors of society, standing out for its European standards and exceptional service. The regular maintenance and renovation of the property, combined with an outstanding attention to detail, a sumptuous Greek breakfast and the vigilant supervision of the owner, place the Esperia Hotel first among the city’s hospitality options.

The most recent «face-lift» took place in 2011 to the highest standards. As a result of this thorough renovation and renewal, the hotel exudes a cosy warmth that is wonderfully combined with high quality service. A veritable magnet for professionals and guests seeking a unique holiday experience.

In addition to offering its guests personalised services and a pleasant stay, the hotel also provides the ideal atmosphere for rest and relaxation.

W Cafe-Bistro & Conference Center

Based in the mood for relaxation and harmonization of domestic natural environment to the external environment “countryside” we designed something Neoclassic adding romantic touches to mitigate its austerity.

Esperia Boutique Garden & Conference Center marries perfectly more modern styles such as Art Nouveau and Art Deco of which lend “kallitechnikotita” and refined luxury and make it more modern and most fitting. In this way we have an eternal coolness “Spring”.

What we wanted to achieve was to create a unique space but with three extensions:

1. Mini Conference Center for up to 50 persons with possibilities:

• 4K Display of terrestrial projection and satellite programs in Ultra High Definition panel 65-inch viewable supporting three-dimensional programs.

• Interface with smartphones, laptops & tablets with wireless technology so there is independence movements and connections of delegates.

• Sound coverage with standard 9.2 speakers system supporting all technologies as Dolby Digital TRUE HD.

• Four active microphones for presenter’s lapel and lip type.

• Plays all videos in digital HD analysis, Blu-Ray & OTE TV.

• Four independent data network channels with full area coverage providing Dual-Band high-speed wireless internet data rates of 500Mbits and wired connections up to 1GBit.

• Flip Chart

2. Personal area for corporate events such as name day event, birthdays and children’s party.

3. Cafe / Bistro.

La Caffine

The Esperia Hotel has turned over a new leaf and in its elegant, airy spaces you will find La Caffine, a stylish all-day cafe that offers a series of refreshing beverages, high-quality coffees, simple dishes of the day and delicious desserts. The ideal accompaniment to your friendly chat or business meetings.

You will find numerous reasons to spend your time here at all hours of the day; enjoy a glass of wine as you listen to gentle music, try our carrot cake or homemade walnut cake, savour the power of simple, earthy ingredients in our select dishes and enjoy your evenings in the friendly atmosphere of La Caffine as you sip on your favourite drink.